The Gray Whales of San Ignacio Lagoon Mexico Aerial View

3 May No Comments

This short aerial film shows the very friendly and playful side of these gentle giants. Here is a mother gray whale and baby calf reaching out to us in the boat for attention. They absolutely love to be touched and rubbed. This experience is truly magical and if you ever have the opportunity, this will be a lifelong memory. This footage was captured while Sky High Videography was on location in San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja Mexico with London based, Windfall Films and Pachicos Eco Tours. This footage and other will be a part of a PBS nature series. This episode will feature whales and dolphins and should air next year. Once back in studio, Sky High Videography will be producing its own series of films from this and other footage captured during a month long trek through Baja California Sur Mexico this April.